Anyone caught in the inferno?

For those of you who’ve ridden the Dan Brown wave from Digital Fortress in 1998 (can you believe it was fifteen years ago?) to The Lost Symbol in 2009, it might be of interest (or hysterical joy) to know that today is the day of his most recent book release. I announce this as if you don’t already know, courtesy of the thousands of Facebook ads (specifically tailored to YOU – and you all no doubt Google books on a regular basis) or else through your equally nerdy friendship circles or perhaps, you stumbled across the ginormous posters plastering the windows of bookstores as of late. Nevertheless, I expect you to all react to this post as if it is the first to deliver the ground-breaking news. Thank you.

So, Ladies and Gentleners, without further ado, here is the long-awaited fourth installment of Robert Langdon’s adventures:

Dan Brown Inferno

I haven’t gotten my hands on a copy yet because a) if I do, it is one hundred percent assured that my philosophy paper, due Monday, will not be written, b) I was in a such a ridiculous rush today that even though I actually SAW touchable copies of the book in my university’s bookstore, I was compelled by my disorganization to ignore it for the sake of handing in a form before five o’clock and c) I promised myself that I’d finish all two hundred-and-something unread books on my shelf before I bought any new ones.

So, I pose to you, faithful readers:

Have you bought it yet? Have you read it front to back already because you’re just that much of a fan? What did you think? Worth the hype? Worth the buy?

P.S. This is a spoiler free zone and I will enforce this with the frightening wrath of a scorned reader if I have to.

Thank you!