To my Ravishing Readers,

I just thought I’d share with you all an exciting little opportunity that I stumbled across! In the lead up to Christmas (is it that time of year already?!), Booktopia, an online bookstore, is running a competition in celebration of books and their publishers. With over $14000 worth of literary prizes on offer, there are dozens of chances to win yourself an early Christmas present! I got so excited when I discovered this that I actually giggled out loud while alone in my house. Jump online here and see for yourself!

All the best!

Your Challenge, if you choose to accept…

Today marks the first Free Page Numbers Writing Challenge!

As I first said in my post, A penny for your thoughts?, I’ve been toying with the idea of engaging you all in a little bit of creative fun. Fiction, while arguably the most imaginative, free and amusing style of writing, is probably also the hardest to write well, especially if you’re plot-challenged like me. Everyone has different methods of stimulating that little lump of brain that does of all the colourful, constructive, creative thinking but when it comes to beginning a short story or, more to the point, not knowing where to begin a short story, I find that pictures, quotes and first lines work wonders!

So, to the challenge! If you’re willing to let your imagination loose on a page for a little while, then you should be game for this. Your challenge is to take the picture below and let it inspire, incite and coerce your creative juices into pumping out a miniature short story. The final product needn’t resemble the picture in any way but see where it takes you! There is no word limit and no rules regarding theme, style or content. All you need to do is submit your story to me via the comment tool for me to compare against the works of your blogospherical peers!

Be creative, be free, don’t stress, remember how very informal this is and have fun!

I give you 24 hours to whip up a little specimen of imaginative writing! GO!

Your Stimulus: