The Big Wet: A Survival Guide

Australia is known for its sun, its surf, its beaches, its hot, sticky weather and its laid-back ‘have a beer’ attitude. When you visualize the iconic Queensland coast, you don’t usually conjure images of cyclonic monsoon weather, flooded roads or fallen power lines. Nor do you usually imagine a bleak, grey view from your window or a wet and chilly breeze in the middle of what is supposed to be summer. But, if for some unfathomable reason, this is the picture that flashed before your mind’s eye upon hearing the word ‘Australia’ then right now you would actually be correct…

The rains have arrived. And apparently, with a vengeance. Much of the state of Queensland (known ironically as ‘the sunshine state’) is currently watching Mother Nature throw an almighty tantrum. Homes and businesses are being pummeled with rain, wind and flying debris; roads have been flooded and apparently…this is only the beginning of what is predicted to be a long weekend of natural disasters. In short, Australia is a very wet and soggy country right now. 

I send my love and hope to all of those who’ve already lost their homes and businesses or are trapped in severe flood waters. To those of you who are simply trapped indoors by the rain and the weather warnings, I have one fundamental piece of advice: don’t be an imbecile; stay inside. “It’s boring!” you say? “What can I do?” you ask? Well, thankfully for you, I’ve prepared a little indoor inspiration to keep you safe, dry and thoroughly entertained as the rains sweep the nation!


  1. Grab a cup or mug of anything steaming and sweet.
  2. Grab a book.
  3. Get cozy, get comfy, get on that couch!

And, voila! In all seriousness, what more do you need?