Who are you literary lovers?

For me personally, winter is an excuse to don thick socks, drink copious amounts of delicious, hot liquids and curl up in bed with a bookish best friend. It’s only May, what is supposed to be an Autumn month, and yet my little Australian city feels as if it’s aspiring to be Antarctica when it grows up. I am chilled to the core. But although I devote an excessive chunk of energy to complaining about the icy weather, it really does have its perks and I will be the first to confess that as soon as the temperature drops below my comfort threshold, I leap into bed with a book and shamelessly ignore the rest of the universe.

Snuggling with books. Who needs friends and family and boyfriends and girlfriends and peers and colleagues when you can set up camp in front of the heater with a literary lover whom you know will never leave? When my fingers and toes are at risk of turning purple and my mind is too distracted by the prospect of hot tea to be at all productive, I guiltily pluck one of the old favourites from my shelf. If it’s not Harry Potter (which, let’s face it, it most often is), then it’s Alice in Wonderland or Tomorrow, When the War Began or Life of Pi.  And for hours upon hours, I wildly party with my most cherished characters…my bookish best friends!

Books and Coffee

My question on this cold Australian day is this: am I a complete and total freak, utterly alone in my love for cuddling books? Or, do you too confess to indulging in this guilty winter pleasure every once in a while?

Who are your literary lovers? Who are your bookish best friends?