What makes a short story sweet?

Short fiction. Concise, pointed, generally fast-paced. But what makes short fiction Short & Sweet as opposed to just plain Short? I’ve read quite a cross section of short fiction throughout my years of primary school, high school, personal reading and now university. And quite miserably, for every good short piece of fiction that I’ve enjoyed, I’ve had to endure approximately five terrible pieces. The art of short fiction is apparently one in its own right and those who think you can just cut a chapter out of a novel have yourself a short story are very, very wrong. Short stories require quite a bit of coy plotting for although it may not take as long to write and think up as a five hundred page fantasy novel, you have little room for whinnying your way around to the point. You have to get there. Fast. But still with enough padding that you can call it literature as opposed to an assembly of dot points. 

So, that all said, what are your thoughts on short fiction and what makes it good? What do you like to read and what do you think a writer has to do to serve this genre well? 

Anyone caught in the inferno?

For those of you who’ve ridden the Dan Brown wave from Digital Fortress in 1998 (can you believe it was fifteen years ago?) to The Lost Symbol in 2009, it might be of interest (or hysterical joy) to know that today is the day of his most recent book release. I announce this as if you don’t already know, courtesy of the thousands of Facebook ads (specifically tailored to YOU – and you all no doubt Google books on a regular basis) or else through your equally nerdy friendship circles or perhaps, you stumbled across the ginormous posters plastering the windows of bookstores as of late. Nevertheless, I expect you to all react to this post as if it is the first to deliver the ground-breaking news. Thank you.

So, Ladies and Gentleners, without further ado, here is the long-awaited fourth installment of Robert Langdon’s adventures:

Dan Brown Inferno

I haven’t gotten my hands on a copy yet because a) if I do, it is one hundred percent assured that my philosophy paper, due Monday, will not be written, b) I was in a such a ridiculous rush today that even though I actually SAW touchable copies of the book in my university’s bookstore, I was compelled by my disorganization to ignore it for the sake of handing in a form before five o’clock and c) I promised myself that I’d finish all two hundred-and-something unread books on my shelf before I bought any new ones.

So, I pose to you, faithful readers:

Have you bought it yet? Have you read it front to back already because you’re just that much of a fan? What did you think? Worth the hype? Worth the buy?

P.S. This is a spoiler free zone and I will enforce this with the frightening wrath of a scorned reader if I have to.

Thank you!

Just because you have auto-correct now, doesn’t mean you can forsake good grammar.

Facebook doesn’t care if you’re responsible with your apostrophes so long as you post as many inane and pointless status updates as possible. The only punctuation mark that Twitter cares about is its godforsaken hash tag. The YouTube rappersphere doesn’t even adhere to basic spelling; it’s all about dis, dat and da next thang. And finally, and possibly the most devastatingly, the age-old art of letter writing (now known as texting), has been transformed into a terrifying amalgamation of shorthand (e.g. “where r u?”) and auto-correct, rendering the smart phone-wielding population just plain bloody useless. 

There is however, a basic necessity for good grammar and I need only give you one example: 

  • Let’s eat Grandma.
  • Let’s eat, Grandma. 

Commas save lives. Use them. (Correctly, please.)


The Big Wet: A Survival Guide

Australia is known for its sun, its surf, its beaches, its hot, sticky weather and its laid-back ‘have a beer’ attitude. When you visualize the iconic Queensland coast, you don’t usually conjure images of cyclonic monsoon weather, flooded roads or fallen power lines. Nor do you usually imagine a bleak, grey view from your window or a wet and chilly breeze in the middle of what is supposed to be summer. But, if for some unfathomable reason, this is the picture that flashed before your mind’s eye upon hearing the word ‘Australia’ then right now you would actually be correct…

The rains have arrived. And apparently, with a vengeance. Much of the state of Queensland (known ironically as ‘the sunshine state’) is currently watching Mother Nature throw an almighty tantrum. Homes and businesses are being pummeled with rain, wind and flying debris; roads have been flooded and apparently…this is only the beginning of what is predicted to be a long weekend of natural disasters. In short, Australia is a very wet and soggy country right now. 

I send my love and hope to all of those who’ve already lost their homes and businesses or are trapped in severe flood waters. To those of you who are simply trapped indoors by the rain and the weather warnings, I have one fundamental piece of advice: don’t be an imbecile; stay inside. “It’s boring!” you say? “What can I do?” you ask? Well, thankfully for you, I’ve prepared a little indoor inspiration to keep you safe, dry and thoroughly entertained as the rains sweep the nation!


  1. Grab a cup or mug of anything steaming and sweet.
  2. Grab a book.
  3. Get cozy, get comfy, get on that couch!

And, voila! In all seriousness, what more do you need?


Blind Date With a Book

Loyal readers! I stumbled across a very neat concept today on the site Tumblr and thought I’d share it with you! 

Blind date

“My local library branch started doing this “Blind Date with a Book” thing, thought you guys might like it. The shelf was full when we got there, but was like this as we were leaving. The books are wrapped in paper and have different designs on them, and then a few words vaguely describing the subject matter of the book. Things like “Drama”, “Plot Twists”, “espionage”, etc. The only thing exposed on the book is the barcode that you use to scan the book out. I thought it was a pretty cool idea.”

Through the Lens

Ladies and Gentelnerds!

As most book loving, novel reading, quote devouring nerds know, those with an affinity for one medium of the arts (in this case, literature), are usually rather partial to many of the other mediums as well. It is for this very reason that I extend my cross-disciplinary arm over to the photographic world to present to you with a very dramatic ‘voila’ gesture,  my little brother’s amateur photography website. He’s actually very good and I implore you to casually browse his initial collection of shots. AND…if you’re feeling even the tiniest bit angelic or saintly, you might even be compelled to leave him a comment or two! If so, you’ll sleep well tonight knowing your halo is sparkling!

His website can be find by clicking this link!

Thank you!

Open your minds, open your vocabularies.

Words to Use

I love this compilation (I can’t take the credit for it however – not sure who can); it’s a melange of the delicate and the buxom, the juicy and the subtle, the profound and the itchy. Each word has its own weight, some so light they simply stroke you with their intended meaning; others so heavy that they dent your perspective and shatter your former assumptions. If nothing else, if not good grammar or correct spelling, writers should endeavour to include more words of this calibre in their stories, essays, poetry and musings. These words showcase the very core of language.

Sherlock Sale

Readers, Writers, Poets, Dreamers and Bloggers,

I have decided that, in order to fund my addiction to words, I will do what I’ve always refused to do: sell books that I no longer need! My first book sale is that of my unread copy of ‘The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. My reason for surrendering this unthumbed copy is that my brother has the complete works and this little book, in perfect condition, will most likely sit untouched on my shelf for many, many years. What a shame!

Sherlock Holmes Book Cover

My copy’s only flaw is a slight blemish on the cover but otherwise, it is basically brand new. Contact me if you are interested in buying this charismatic classic! And remember, it’s for a good cause: helping fund a nerd’s literary love!

A Quotable Venture

To my dearest followers,

You have stuck with me through thick and thin, through bursts of intense blogging and through periods of none at all. You have commented, shared your thoughts and wisdom, played along and made me feel as if the nonsense I write has actual value.

Now, I invite you to join me on another adventure! I know I’ve alerted to you to many side-ventures that I’ve embarked on in conjunction with Free Page Numbers but this one is for real (in other words, I’m determined to actually stick with it.) My newest endeavour is this:

The Jungle Notebook – a blog devoted to the wonderful and intriguing world of quotes and inspirational literary extracts.

To quote what has become an adolescent mantra of 2012: You Only Live Once. So make sure you expose yourself to as much juicy, delicious and inspiring stuff as possible and let us all make this lifetime count!

Join me.