Desperately in need of an outlet for my adoration of books, I have created Free Page Numbers! Be warned, this page will feature shameless displays of pure nerdiness and obsessive compulsive reading disorder so only subscribe if you’re ready to commit yourself to the fictional world of charismatic characters, sensational settings, passionate plots and riveting relationships.

Here, you’ll find the books I’ve read, the books I plan to read, published book reviews and books with films I’ve seen. I invite you to join the madness and share with the world your own literary escapades! Comment, review, suggest and advise! I promise, you’ll find no greater a world than the world of books!


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Due to my inability to draw, paint or use photoshop, the header image of Free Page Numbers was not created by me. Click here to visit the artist’s webpage. 

29 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, nice blog! i like the idea of book blogs, where we publish reviews, tell others what we’re reading and all in all, attempting to create a community where all book-lovers share their insights and dreams and frustrations as perhaps brought by the books we read. hope to read more from your blog soon. and i sort of do that in my blog too, so i hope you can also check it out. cheers to all book lovers!

  2. I read, and again, the About.. still I get no clue about your age, not like in the heaven post……
    Might be my linguistic limitations…..

    Anyway, can’t find another post of yours either, but I recall you mentioned Chuck Palahniuk..

    like Stephen King and Murakami, that you also seem to enjoy, Chuck is another of my favorite ever!!!

    I add you a couple that you might find interesting… from my Japanese side.. 🙂

    ** he is “a little” crude: Ryū Murakami (no relationship with Haruki)
    ** Kazuo Ishiguro, author of “Never Let Me go” (strongly recommended the movie as well, if you haven’t watched it yet!)
    ** Natsuo Kirino, female Japanese writer, a couple of books only translated in English: Out and Grotesque

    Anyway, your blog is a good source for me as well, even if in China it is more difficult to find English books…. 😉

  3. Thank you for inspiring me to read more and think more..you are part of my sunshine brigade – :)http://madcaphat.wordpress.com/2012/04/16/bring-on-the-sunshine/

  4. Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog. Congratulations on making it to NYU – I hope you are able to fund your dream! All the best in your endeavour. 🙂

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