Goodreads Choice Awards 2012 – Have you voted?

As 2012 begins to end (All evidence points to it being November already!), we’re invited to squeeze in one last title for this year: Goodreads Choice Awards 2012! Check out the nominees, see which you’ve read, decide whether any are worthy of your vote and if so, help that book secure the pleasure of a Choice Award! There is a category for every kind of reader, from Biographies, to Science Fiction, to Romance!


If you tell me who you voted for, I’ll tell you who I voted for!

(I only voted for one book this year, in the Nonfiction category, surprisingly:  Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative – Austin Kleon)

Why, as someone who devotes much of their time to running a blog about books, did I only vote for one book in the Goodreads Choice Awards 2012? Well, it’s the only book of the nominees that I’ve read, to be honest, and fortunately for my integrity, I did really love it. I guess I just didn’t read many new releases this year! I’m just itching to know – who did you vote for and why?!

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