Vodka, Tequila, Fiction?


Book Love


Which books get you the drunkest? Which books have had you snorting with uncontrollable laughter or weeping intoxicated tears? Have any books had you dancing on fictional tables or singing literary karaoke?

And, more to the point, which books have sucked you so far in that you’ve had trouble re-engaging with reality?

6 thoughts on “Vodka, Tequila, Fiction?

  1. Usually those that come in a series and don’t have all the books out yet. Currently, that would be Everblue for me. HP was one too, we all know that one left an imprint! And one or two of Nicholas Sparks novels

    • I can definitely agree with Harry Potter! I literally sobbed when I reached the seventh book’s last page. Not because it was particularly sad but because I was devastated that my Hogwarts journey was over! I also loved Nicholas Sparks’ ‘A Walk to Remember’. I’ve never heard of Everblue but I’ll look it up 🙂 thanks for commenting!

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