Because bloggers can brainstorm.

It cannot be denied that those built for blogging possess superior powers of creative juice brewing and brainstorming. The formation of ideas and opinions for the purpose of entertaining the online masses is a skill to be cherished and celebrated and…shared! As loyal and valued (notice the sucking up?) members of my blogospherical circle, I am well aware that you are all cunningly clever, insanely imaginative and spectacularly supportive. And so, with that in mind, I have a teensy weensy little favour to ask…

As I’ve mentioned once before, I was so very lucky to be accepted into New York University’s undergraduate college. As a Zimbabwean girl having lived in a small Australian town since I was seven, the opportunity to live, breath and study in a city as abundant with art, writing and theatre as New York takes my breath away. Never before have I wanted something quite as much as I want the opportunity to…to grasp this opportunity. I would study literature, creative writing, philosophy, theatre, film. I would be exposed to a plethora of like-minded people, of chances to develop my skills and write professionally, of theatre and film experiences and of opportunities to grow, explore and discover as both an artist and as a person.

It would be the greatest adventure of my nineteen year old life and it would be the beginning of everything that I want to do, feel and become. If you’ll excuse the corny nature of what I’m about to say, I’ll let myself be honest with you: I feel it my heart and in my bones that I could be something great, something extraordinary. That I could do and create incredible things to share with the world. And again, in my heart I feel that New York University is the window.

However, with every great opportunity there is a great obstacle and here is mine: I do not have $60,000 to pay for NYU. As an international student, I am ineligible for financial aid. And as a nineteen year old with no collateral, students loans are borderline impossible. But I have to somehow find a way and here is where I ask you to join me for a blogospherical brainstorming party!

The challenge: Three months. Sixty thousand dollars.

As the best and the brightest (undeniably) of the universe, us bloggers now have a challenge. Can we do it? (Notice my use of the word ‘we’ instead of ‘I’?) Can we creatively finance this otherworldly endeavour? Can we come up with an idea, a plan, a way?

I promise, when I’m one day writing for the New York Times or am accepting my first Oscar, you will all be first on my list of people to thank.

27 thoughts on “Because bloggers can brainstorm.

  1. Yikes! That’s quite a pickle. Ummm… can you find a rich husband in the next three months? Do they have the lottery in Australia? More realistically, is it possible to study closer to home and then do a study abroad to the US? I know it’s not quite the same, but maybe as a plan B?

    • A rich husband would solve everything, wouldn’t it? And yes we do have the lottery and funnily enough, I’ve actually bought a ticket with NYU in mind…but no luck as of yet.
      That is always an option as a Plan B but although I know I ought to be rational and sensible, I really cannot bring myself to consider anything other than Plan A… I’m stubborn, I know.
      Thank you so much for your advice, ideas and support!

      • Don’t give up on your dream until you’ve tried everything, but do know that you can still experience the world and learn amazing things in places you don’t expect. I know you have your heart set on New York (and I don’t blame you!), but maybe there is another school that has better funding prospects… Universities (even those in otherwise blah places) usually have lots of culture around them and you can still find great opportunities for learning and interacting with cool people there, too! It’ll work out! I wish you tons of luck!!!!!

    • Your words are so right, so wise. It is true: it’s what you make of where you are! That being said however, I’m going to give NYU everything I’ve got 🙂 Thank you for your kind words, your support and advice!

  2. Wow, a huge task! Are there any scholarshioes you can apply for. They may not cover the entire cost but they would help. Also, if you don’t mind me asking, how did you go with your year 12 results? 🙂 Just curious. Good luck!

  3. *wipes brow* That is quite a lot of money! And no matter what the others say, if it would me I would never give up on going there! That would be a dream come true! I had a few ideas…
    -is it possible for you to take a loan out in Australia, even if you are going to college in New York?
    -Enter some of your short stories and poems into contests online, or send them to newspapers and magazines! You are very good with words 😉 and I bet your fiction rocks!
    -Sell some of your old books on ebay! I have lots that I purchased but didn’t like… it won’t add up to 60,000, but maybe with a summer job and a loan, it will help!
    I hope some of this works! Best of luck! 🙂

    • I love that you’d pursue this mad dream as well! I am currently liaising with my parents’ bank who would most definitely have to be guarantors but I would only be able to borrow enough for the first year so I’m on the hunt for other options!
      Thank you! I will definitely try entering some of my stories (which I will now write… 😉 ) And dedicate any winning pieces to you!
      I do have a whopping collection of books I’m not too keen on and although I love to keep every book for the personal library I plan to one day have…I guess this is a worthy cause!
      THANK YOU SO MUCH! You’re a legend!

      • AWWW! That is so sweet! I am glad some of this might work for you! I won’t be going to college for a couple years, but when I do, if I could, I would go there! I have a little soft spot, because I would love to do what you are trying to! Keep me posted as you go through this! It breaks my heart to sell my books… sometimes you just have to go for it! You might want to check out as well, it is a specific part of ebay made for books and movies. The selling process is easier, but I haven’t had any sales on there, so maybe just ebay is better! Once again, best of luck to you! 🙂

      • Thanks for the tips! I will definitely look at both ebay and
        Are you in Australia or in the US already? It’s a hectic application process so if you need any tips when you reach that stage, let me know!
        And thank you again, I appreciate it so much!

      • I haven’t yet but I’m keeping positive! And I NEVER expect my readers to donate! Spreading the word is enough and hopefully the word will spread to someone very rich and very generous who just so happens to have a spare $60,000 that they’d like to give away. 😉 But thank you for the thought 🙂 You write extraordinarily well for a high schooler!

      • I would LOVE to become a writer!! I write whenever I can (although lately there isn’t much time. I make time though!) and who knows? Maybe I’ll have something someone wants reading someday!!

      • You are right! I’ve always doubted my ability to be a writer as a job, because I grew up with the influences that said ‘writing isn’t a career, it’s a hobby’. And to some degree, that is true. But with all of the positive encouragement I’ve been receiving lately from fellow book bloggers and a few friends that I’ve given snippets of my WIP, I’m starting to truly believe I can do this!

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