“Balloon Dreams” – a poetic masterpiece.

In response to my Writing Challenge, I had a single entry! Although I was greedily hoping for a few more stories and poems to indulge in, the one entry that I did receive was of such a high calibre so as to have me grinning with manic glee.

The extraordinarily talented poet, Geetanjali, submitted a poem titled “Balloon Dreams” and I can honestly say that it is one of the most beautiful and affecting specimens of poetic expression that I’ve ever read. So, forgetting momentarily that it was the only entry, let us all congratulate this wonderful writer for a wonderful poem!

Shall we take a moment to enjoy it?

“Balloon Dreams”

She let herself fly
High up in the sky
Above from the madness
& things which made her cry.

To the balloon dreams she clung
And let her-self be flung
Into the depths of dream clouds
And in deep sleep she sunk.

Heartaches no more
She could feel her spirit soar
High and high
Reaching out to the door.

There will be no more pain
Disappointment will not rain
For she flew far far away
Never to rise again.


Balloon Dreams

7 thoughts on ““Balloon Dreams” – a poetic masterpiece.

  1. Oh I had every intention of writing something but work was so hectic this week. Please do another prompt (maybe over the weekend?)
    Wonderful poem too!!!!!

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