A penny for your thoughts?

I have been struck by what I believe is an excellent idea!

I love fiction and I love short stories but I find it devastatingly difficult to actually write fiction myself. It’s not a fear of style or grammar or structure that injects me with writer’s block, it’s a complete and total lack of ideas regarding plot and character. In the past, I’ve used pictures or lines or quotes as forms of stimulus from which to begin and this works magic with the imagination. Every single one of the stories that I’ve managed to squeeze out of my pen were conceived in the ‘My Pictures’ file on my computer.

So to my idea! Please share your honest and potentially brutal opinions with me.

I was considering instituting a weekly miniature short story competition for all of my readers. I will post a picture or a quote or just a first line and you get a certain period of time to run with your imaginations, employ your brilliant writing skills and whip up a fantastical specimen of fiction for the blogosphere! You can either enter your story via the comment tool or email it to me and I will announce a weekly winner! It would be far from official or strict and would simply be just a fun and free way of creatively frolicking together in the bookish blogosphere.

Please leave me your thoughts on this idea!

10 thoughts on “A penny for your thoughts?

  1. Hi, when you are struggling to come up with a ‘fiction’ plot, try real life. Take a true incident from your life (or something you’ve read in the newspaper) and fictionalise it. i.e. start by changing names, writing in third person, change the scenery/setting and maybe come up with an alternative ending. I find it’s a great writing exercise for improving skills and often one thing leads to another and ideas will come. Hope it helps.
    Your informal writing competition sounds like a great idea, too.

    • Thank you! I will definitely try that. I do have a strong desire to write fiction but I’ve always struggled with plot. It’s probably the best way actually, the way you’ve suggested, because it really does get you to write what you know which is apparently the best kind of writing. Thank you for the advice!

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