Books, Coffee, Music…I now work in Heaven.

Hello Loyal Readers, I have some exciting news to share with you!

As an eighteen year old with a very fuzzy idea of what my next post-high-school step is, you could say that I’m in a bit of an in-between stage with little to nothing of great consequence to do. In order to preserve my sanity and avoid a fatal dose of boredom and inactivity, I applied for a handful of casual jobs in my town but did so somewhat half-heartedly and so achieved little success. Until now!

This morning I got a call from a store in my town that’s an amalgam of books, coffee and music! Can you imagine a better place? And this Wednesday, I start the first day of my trial as a barista.

Books, Coffee and Music. I now work in Heaven.

Mary Ryan's

Mary Ryan's

12 thoughts on “Books, Coffee, Music…I now work in Heaven.

  1. Looks like a great place to be – congratulations! My first job was in a bookstore, I absolutely loved it. But you’ve definitely scored the trifecta 🙂

  2. This looks like a wonderful place.. I can see myself sitting there, reading and having a great time.. hitting from time to time to the interesting barista that works there…

    I admit that reading a few posts on your blog I completely misjudged your .. age!!! 😉

    • It is such a nice place to escape the world with a coffee and a book!
      I have wondered what age people might think I am (for those who haven’t read my ‘About’ page). I know I sound older than eighteen because I’m such a book-loving freak of nature. 😛

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