February in Literary Retrospect

January and February have flown by at lightning speed and I’m not entirely sure that it really is the first of March; perhaps I accidently reset the calendar of my phone (anything is possible with my degree of technological ineptitude) and have lost a couple of months…however, for that scenario to be even remotely plausible I’d have to assume that the TV channels have all made the same mistake, that the date on my computer screen is completely wrong and that my brother’s fifteenth birthday party was a hoax. So, excluding the possibility of such a phenomenal coincidence, I have to conclude that it really is the third month of 2012…already. Oh God.

Looking back on the past two months (which felt like one week) and reflecting on my literary progress, I realise I have quite some reading to catch up on. My ‘Books to Read in 2012‘ list is lengthening at a far quicker pace than I am crossing books off, as more and more fellow book-loving bloggers make irresistible suggestions and as I stumble across new and enticing titles myself.

So far from my list I’ve read:

Looking for Alaska Little Coffee Shop of Kabul

While to it, I’ve added:

A Room of One's Own Catcher in the Rye I Capture the Castle
Scoop Evelyn Waugh Catch 22 Pet Sematary

Two steps forward, six steps back! But a real nerd never shies away from a literary challenge. Let us read.

16 thoughts on “February in Literary Retrospect

  1. I’m so glad you decided to give it a try! And mightytosave24 is a non-Internet best friend of mine, I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to hear this! (I sent her the link to your horror post by the way) 😉

    I’m definitely going to do a post like this myself- although I’m afraid I added about double the amount you did! 🙂 But like you said, we are readers, book experts, if you will, and this is what we do!
    Lovely post!

  2. Probably not a good idea to suggest more books when you’re drowning in them, but “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams is probably the funniest book I’ve ever read.

    Outwardly funny and full of wit and charm, there is an undercurrent that seems to show how hopeless we are in the face of everyday situations, and that maybe the easiest thing to do is either laugh or sit down and have a cup of tea.

    — HC

    • No, no, keep the suggestions flowing. I’ve heard so much about Douglas Adams’ book and I really should read it. Love your description of it – “the easiest thing to do is either laugh or sit down and have a cup of tea.” Thanks for your thoughts!

      • There is a certain Englishness to the books. I was born and raised in England, so much of it connects with me. I’m not sure if being English makes it funnier or not though, as many of the things in the book are poking fun at the English, so perhaps having a different world view will make it seem all the funnier. Its not a long book, you could even finish it in a day if you wanted to. It has my highest recommendation.

  3. What did you think of the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul? I enjoyed it, was a nice summer read! My book club has just read Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks – definitely worth a look if you haven’t read 🙂

  4. Thanks for mentioning me! I really need to start a list of books I need to read as well. I have to finish Harry Potter first though…
    Is it weird that Harry Potter is my OBSESSION and yet, I haven’t finished the books?

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    • Thank you. I would be very interested in collaborating in the future. An array of opinions and ideas is always more interesting than a single perspective. All the best to you too!

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