The Leibster Blog Award

Never heard of it? Well, neither had I until this morning when I checked my blog and discovered a wonderful little comment informing me that I’d been selected as a recipient!

The Leibster Blog Award is an informal (but wonderful!) award given to favourite blogs! Having been nominated as the favourite blog of a lovely reader out there, I am extremely honoured and appreciative! It’s absolutely wonderful to know that what I write is valued and enjoyed! The next step of the Leibster Blog Award is that recipients can then pass it on to their favourite blog. There are a few requirements:

 1. Say thank you to the blogger that nominated you! 
I send a very warm and appreciative thank you to Olivia for nominating Free Page Numbers as her favourite blog! I’m so happy that you enjoy what I write and I also thank you for being such a supportive reader, often commenting on my posts!

2. Provide a link to the person that nominated you.

You can find Olivia’s blog, ‘oliviasopinions’ by clicking here!

3. List the blogs that have had a positive impact on you. 

Oh, wow! I am a read-o-holic so there a quite a number of blogs that I love. But those that have had the biggest impact on my reading, writing and living are:

For the Love of Bookshops  for their consistent and bookish posts, always full of anecdotes and photography!

and also:

State of Motion for their interesting posts and Yearly-Challenge style way of blogging about books and films (my favourite things)!

4. Leave comments on their blogs to let them know that you voted for them. 

5. Post to your blog if you want to continue the cycle of awesomeness!

I think this is a wonderful concept. As a writer, the best feeling is to know that somebody out their appreciates what you’ve spent your time writing. I get such a buzz when I hear that somebody has connected with what I’ve said, has been inspired or has just gotten a laugh out of it. The blogosphere is a community and I’m so happy to be a part of it!

Grammatically yours,

Free Page Numbers

2 thoughts on “The Leibster Blog Award

  1. Wow! Thank you so much for nominating me. What a wonderful way to start the day. (I’m beaming!) Thanks for sharing the love! I look forward to future For the Love of Bookshops – Free Page Numbers exchanges. All best, Erin.

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