March of the Penguin Books

Penguin Postcards

Penguin Postcards

Penguin Postcards

Does it get any better?

I was innocently flipping through a magazine the other day when I came across an advertisement for a box of 100 penguin book cover postcards…and how could I not then go online and buy myself a set? They are fabulous and wonderful and now decorate part of my bedroom wall, taking my literary obsession to a level never before reached by another human being (I’m not even exaggerating).

From titles as predictable as ‘Wuthering Heights’ to ones as obscure as ‘There Must Be a Pony!’, this gem of a purchase is now the pride and joy of my guilty spendings list of 2011. It may not seem like a very practical purchase, but for anyone who has ever read and adored a penguin book, this box is something you just have to have and will most certainly love.

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